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   Agenda & Roll-up LTTA 1 Marsala  





  Agenda LTTA 2 Tokat



  LTTA 3 Starogard Gdansky




  Agenda LTTA 4 Reșița, virtual meeting



 Videos realized during project  - YOUTUBE


Banat Caves

Banat Traditional Dances

Traditional Romanian Bread

Broom making in Banat

TOKAT Presentation

Baile Herculane, Romania, Presentation

Banat Waterfall

Traditional Romanian Pastry

Traditional Romanian Paintings

Polish Folk Dances

Poland – The Belgian Dance

Traditional Polish Cuisine – Facts

Traditional Polish recipes

Romanian Traditional Attire

Traditional Polish Pastry

Traditional Polish Dumplings

Traditional Polish Donuts

Natural Arboretum Starogard Gdanski

Traditional Romanian Children Games

Traditional Romanian Foods and Drinks

Traditional Romanian Wedding

Tokat – International dances and traditional Turkish Dances

Natural and Folk treasures of Kociewie, Poland

Traditional Kociewie Recipe

Polish Folk Traditions

Local Treasures in Starogard Gdanski  

Nearby Castle –Poland























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1 – Have you ever taken part in a EU funded project? If yes, please detail below (name, year, partners, your contribution).


2 – Would you like to take part in a EU funded project, even though this will imply extra time and work?


3 – Are there any points of historic interest you woud recommend in your area? Please mention at least 1 and detail upon it in one sentence.


4 – Are you aware of any arts or crafts that are characteristic for the area/county/province? If yes, please detail upon it/them in a short sentence per each.


5 – Are there any traditions your parents or grandparents have shown you, and which you like and consider valuable? If yes, detail upon it/them below.


6 – What is/are your favourite traditional Romanian food(s)? Please name it/them below in Romanian.


7 – Are there any places of natural beauty nearby your hometown or in the county/province that you would recommend visiting? Name them below and motivate your choice briefly.


8 – Are you aware of any plants or animals that are specific to our region or area? If so, name them below in either Romanian or English.


9 – Have you got any IT abilities, such as editing, video editing, movie making,etc that you are proud of or constitute a hobby for you? If so, name them below.